Jan. 10th, 2011

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Jan. 10th, 2011 10:16 am
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Since no one has posted on my LJ friends list in the past 24 hours, I give you a post.

It was a weekend with few plans and a lot of wood turning. The lathe entertains me immensely. My new safety equipment (face shield and dust mask) make it a lot more pleasant to work with very dusty woods. I have put my purpleheart bowl on hold as I got a nasty catch in it and cracked the rim. It may or may not be salvageable.

We made another trip out to the woodworking stores and I picked up a couple pieces of board stock to use for spindle whorls, so I finally figured out how to make my drop spindle. Yay!

Here's my first attempt (100% cherry)

Cherry Spindle 1

And a closeup of it:

Cherry Spindle 1

After the first one, I knew what I was doing so the second one took me about an hour and a half to make. It's from Padouk (the whorl) and walnut (the shaft).

The second one also spins a lot better than the first because I learned more about how to center the shaft while the glue dries.

spindle #2

I also picked up a figured maple bowl blank so I might go mess around with that after work today. The spindle supplies we got will make several spindles, so I might end up with quite a large collection! I'm considering hanging a wire or line across the yarn room to suspend them from. Might be pretty and it would be up above my head so I wouldn't garrote myself.

The bathroom kittens are adorable. Blossom is the purriest kitten i know, and bubbles still hisses but she loves to play. Buttercup is very timid. We need to keep working on her.
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I read a lot of books. Some of them are not edited very well, and they always make me groan. This one made me giggle after I groaned.

"He watched, proud that his sister had become such a gentile lady."


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