Jan. 29th, 2011

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We had class today. I had a great time shaping my big piece of elm into a bowl shape. Earplugs make an amazing difference. It's like I'm in my own little quiet world when I have them in.

Apparently one of the new students, Larry, said he was going to quit today, in his 3rd class ever, because he thought he had ruined the bowl he was making. I think Bernhard convinced him to keep going but that got him down as a teacher because he tries to make sure his students know that failure is a perfectly good way to learn. Brent and I are going to bring in some of our "learning experience" pieces to class next week so they can see.

Also, I hear the new folks are trying to finish each project in a single class, so they keep hurrying through things. That frustrates the teacher also. I'm in no hurry. I enjoy myself :)

He said we're "almost intermediate". Heh. He gave me some homework -- making decorated boxes and a goblet. Brent's homework is to work on his grinding/sharpening skills.

I have a hunk of maple that I got for $1.50 last week, so I'm going to try to make that into a goblet. I'll work on the decorated box next. I have some exotic egg blanks left and I'm sure I can use one of them for a box like he was talking about.

After class we went out for tea at the London Tea Room. It's so pleasant to enjoy a pot of Tea with Brent while we discuss class and what we've learned and what we're planning.


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