Apr. 2nd, 2011

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1. Up at 7:30, but lounging in bed reading on iphone and petting kitties for a while.
2. Trip to Lowes to get chain saw oil and maybe a couple shutters for a craft project.
3. Chain Saw Time! Cutting up 4 logs into bowl blanks. Everyone I know might get a mulberry bowl in a couple years when these are dry.
4. Curtain Factory Commences.
5. Paint Paint Paint until done upstairs.

Last night we got 2 coats of paint on the walls, and the first coat of paint on some of the woodwork. Lots more woodwork to paint today, and probably some touchups on the walls now that we'll have sunlight in there to expose any thin spots.

I also made 3 pillow shams yesterday, so I just need to do two more today along with the curtains. The curtain rods are purchased. I also got a mirror for above the mantle. I have the frames for the prints I've ordered and I'm hoping the prints arrive today since mpix shipped them two days ago and mail from Columbia is usually quick.

Time for Lowes now.

ETA: It's almost noon and only 1 log is done. Alas, the switch broke on the new chain saw so we're returning it for a replacement. It's a pretty cool tool though. Very powerful!

so tired

Apr. 2nd, 2011 06:30 pm
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I'm almost done with the curtains. I have the 4 panels for the guest room done, along with 2 more throw pillows for a total of 5 pillow shams. I also made new curtains for the bathroom since the kitten puffs had shredded the curtains in there when they were locked in the bathroom 24/7. We now have yellow toile in there. It's quite bright compared to the old striped ones.

Curtain rods aren't done upstairs, since we still have trim to paint, so I haven't hemmed those panels yet.

The ceiling medallion arrived, so Brent put a coat of ivory paint on it to prepare for installing it and the chandelier. My photo prints of a couple things from Scotland also arrived, so I've framed them and they're ready to hang up once the painting is all done.

Right now I'm thinking very fondly of my bed. I don't feel like going upstairs to paint, as I should be doing. Maybe just a quick little nap...


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