Apr. 15th, 2011

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Yesterday was our second woodturning club meeting in Festus. Poor Brent really isn't into them, but I think once he has more time to do some fun turning and can participate more, maybe he'll have more fun. The people are super-nice. I won one of the attendance prizes, a log :). The president asked me if I'd be willing to do a demo on lidded boxes later this year.

I have a goodly number of "to do" items to get ready for tomorrow. Busy day tomorrow! We have our class at the craft alliance in the morning (Yay!), then woodturning day near Hillsboro, then dinner with the family for JR's 3rd birthday.

I need to find a bow or ribbon or something, to put on what I'm dubbing the BEST 3rd Birthday present ever..., aka a scooter. I can totally see JR zipping around their cul-de-sac on this. They say it will last until he's 5 or 6, size-wise too, so I hope he likes it!

To prepare for class I just have to pick out a few pieces to take and show the teacher. That's easy enough.

For turning day, I have to go down to the basement and sharpen most of our tools, and mark them with a name so we can make sure they don't get mixed up with someone else's. That shouldn't take too long. I don't mind sharpening, and I have 4 colors of sharpies to make the marking part fun :). I also need to pick out a couple of pieces of wood to take.

I also need to make a dish for the potluck. I'm thinking maybe scotcharoos. I was going to buy a fruit/cheese plate, but I'm feeling like making something now.

Today we just delivered a huge amount of work to Sephora so I'm feeling a lot better about my work levels at work. This should be my last 55+ hour week for a while. Oh, except maybe if I do some side work for Build a Bear soon. I have a meeting with them next week to talk about their scheduling.

not bad

Apr. 15th, 2011 10:45 pm
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Dad and Dannye came by late this afternoon. I had a couple of calls with Sephora so I wasn't the best host, but at least I had wine for Dad, and they got to see the guest bedroom. They were really impressed. I think they're always quite surprised when we get done with painting and such since it's hard to imagine what the rooms will look like when they're done.

Since they were headed back out to Eureka again, I made a quick call to my sister and found out we could join them for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow night. That helped out a lot with the busy plans for tomorrow. JR got to pick what was for dinner, so we all had pizza and cookies. He caught on to how the scooter works right away. Everyone at the Drewes household was ready to go to bed by 8, so we headed home. As we left, Melinda came out to tell us JR had just looked at her and said "They left the scooter!". What a cutie.

When we got home, I sharpened our tools in preparation for turning day tomorrow, and packed up a bag full of tools, safety gear, and my turning smock. Then I made a pan of Scotcheroos. They're cooling now.

Whew, it's not 11 yet and I'm feeling in good shape for tomorrow. Now to shower and get some sleep I think.


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