May. 2nd, 2011


May. 2nd, 2011 05:25 pm
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I don't know where Bubbles is. She was her normal bubbly self on Saturday night, playing around the living room with the other kittens.

I got up and went straight to the basement to do some turning on Sunday, so I didn't see her in the morning. I stopped for lunch and lounged around a bit, planning my next project, then I went back down for more turning. I came upstairs and started laundry, and cleaned things up a bit. I noticed I hadn't seen Bubbles in a while and Brent suggested she was probably downstairs sleeping on a chair. She does that a lot. I still wasn't worried.

By the time we got some dinner and came back home, it was raining and I was worried. I drug her favorite toy through all three floors of the house. I ended up with 3 other cats following the toy, but no bubbles. I checked the first floor bathroom. Brent checked the basement and outside. No Bubbles. This morning again, I checked the basement and outside all around the house. Still no kitten.

Neither of us saw her trying to go outside or to the basement with us. It is possible she got shut outside on the side porch in the middle of the night, but by the time I shut the door, it was already pouring, so I really don't think she would have been out there. I didn't specifically look when i shut the door, so that's a possibility. If she was shut out there, it's likely she would have jumped to the tree next to the balcony and clawed her way down.

Right now, she's either stuck outside somewhere, hiding from the rain. Or, she's inside the house somewhere, either stuck or sick. I can't imagine she wouldn't be meowing her head off if she were stuck, so that's unlikely. I don't know about if she's sick. I checked a lot of likely hiding spots and didn't see her in any of them.

I am very worried.


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