May. 10th, 2011

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Today's catch in the cat trap: Gray cat, one of the alley cats that we've already had spayed. She was mighty upset when I let her out this morning.

This afternoon I had an appointment with a financial planner to make some changes to an IRA that I've had since Infor bought out Workbrain, but that I haven't bothered with specifying the funds I want, so it was in a default plan. We got all that figured out, then they started questioning me about all the other things I should do, but haven't done.

Apparently I need a power of attorney to allow Brent access to any accounts that are in my name only, in case I was incapacitated in a hospital or something. And also a will, because without one, things (uh, like the house) don't automatically go to Brent--anyone in my family could claim them and make a mess of things in court. I had no idea. Not that I would expect such troubles from the family, but as the financial planner guy said, "people can get weird when money is involved". I also need to assess whether I have enough life insurance and disability insurance. Both things I rarely think about. Sigh.

In other financial news, we just had an appraiser come yesterday to prepare an appraisal for my attempt to refinance. I'm trying to switch to a 20 year loan (cut 5 years off the current loan) and get a nice low rate, which should all work out quite nicely if I can get a reasonable appraisal. It doesn't even have to appraise for what we purchased it at. I just need it to appraise at 160k or so. The appraiser loved the house, but then, most people who like old architecture do. She said it would take a couple days for her to finish. I hope she can find some good comps.

Last night was the end of the year for the AGO, so after a dinner and recital, several of the organists came over for drinks and snacks and socialization. Even the recitalist stopped by. It was very late when the last ones left.

And now, I will snuggle in bed with Lola. She's been very cuddly today, and she's currently curled up next to me, napping. What a sweetie.


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