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What I did this weekend? It feels like almost all I did was sleep. I don't know what was up, but I could not get enough sleep.

Friday we hit the art walk in grand center and saw some weird stuff (like "Pee Body" as seen here: http://theslideprojector.com/images/1990s/smith/peebody2.jpg).

We got some dinner away from grand center (Soulard) and hung out on the patio for a while. I got to bed at a reasonable time Friday night, but was up early for wood turning on Saturday.

Saturday we had a 5 hour wood turning class--our last regular session, plus an hour "break" (through which we turned), and a 2 hour private lesson. I did the private lesson so that I could learn to use deep hollowing tools, which required somewhat more supervision than normal, thus why I couldn't do it in a regular class.

It turned out to be relatively easy to do! The first few cuts were pretty scary as I had to get used to holding the tool, since it uses an arm brace and side handles for extra control. I also had to become accustomed to not being able to see what I'm doing. They call it "Blind Hollowing" for a good reason.

In the end, I now have a hollow form with a small opening at the top. It's roughly the size and shape of a quart mason jar. I'm pretty tickled over the whole process.

I don't have the setup to do more hollowing at home right now, but I may be looking to get it in the future. My aunt and uncle have asked me to make them urns, so I'd need the equipment if I were to do that.

After class we had lunch and a couple hours to rest before we headed out to Melinda's for Harrison's birthday. We missed the big party because of class, so we just hung out on the front porch with everyone for a few hours. We stopped at 11 mile house on the way home for dinner, and I was in bed by 10:00, Exhausted. I slept til 9, then was up puttering around the house until Brent got home in the afternoon. After lunch I was back to napping again. After some woodturning and dinner, and a little reading, I was in bed pretty early again, and slept fairly late today.

I have no idea what it is, but clearly I needed to do some serious sleeping. I'm feeling pretty good at least, now.
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