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I'm sad it's over. The weekend was filled with summertime reading choices (Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs), wood turning, and a few social events. It was lovely.

I had ordered a couple new woodturning tools, both of which came unhandled, so this weekend I made handles for them. It was pretty easy--definitely something I'll do again. Once I had the new bowl gouge ready, I tried it out on some of the library mulberry.

The wood was so wet it actually flung water at me as I turned the lathe on. I had to clean my face shield every few minutes. I still haven't cleaned up all the shavings downstairs either. I rough turned 3 natural edge mulberry bowls, and one maple bowl. I learned an important lesson about turning while wearing shorts. Don't drop the tool to your side and let the tip of it touch your leg. If you've been doing some heavy turning, it may be hot enough to burn. Ouch.

After I got the rough turnings done, I fixed up a 5 gallon bucket of denatured alcohol. The internets tell me that soaking the bowls in alcohol will hasten drying and reduce risk of cracking. We shall see how it goes.

Today or tomorrow, I have to go by the history museum to drop off the place mats for the exhibit there. Tomorrow we finally close on our refinance. Yay for knocking off 5 years from the mortgage without increasing monthly payments much.

And now to get back to work where I have a production issue that's not huge, but is irritating enough I have to come up with a solution in the next couple days.
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