Jun. 1st, 2011 04:11 pm
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We closed today on our refinance to move from a 30 year to a 20 year loan, cutting 5 years out (since we were already 5 years in on the 30 year. Awesome! This also means I don't have a mortgage payment til August. Sweet!

I dropped off Joanna's place mats at the history museum today for the "Woven in Time" exhibit coming up this fall. There was much confusion since they did not tell me that I should be dropping it off at the research library location rather than the museum itself. Bad communications on their part. Oh well, it's done.

We finally have the AC on. The second floor is working great but the first floor is not. Someone's coming to look at it tomorrow. That'll probably take care of spending the surplus we'll have from not paying the mortgage this month. The joys of being a homeowner, right there.

I spent a lot of time fixing the band saw on Sunday, and it worked fine for a while, but now I'm having a new problem. I think either the belt is loose, or the blade is too dull. I might work on that tonight so I can get on to preparing some more turning blanks. The ones I roughed out this weekend seem to be drying ok out on the back porch. I hope they don't crack.

Allergies have hit me hard this spring. So far, everything except sudafed makes me sleepy or doesn't work. Maybe I should just plan more naps into my days.

I have a very tedious task that needs doing at work. I'm going to do it this evening I think, after dinner. Actually, as I think of it now, I can do that tedious task in 1 delightfully quick update statement because I only have to do it in dev (where I have access to update via sql). The poor payroll team is then the ones that will have to do it all manually in production. Poor guys, I'm glad I'm not in payroll. Maybe I'll go do that update statement now.

Date: 2011-06-01 09:32 pm (UTC)
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It's funny that you say "The joys of being a homeowner" regarding fixing your downstairs AC. I live in a 2-family flat with my boyfriend and his dad. We live upstairs and his dad lives downstairs. His air works, ours does not. Even though he owns the house outright and I pay him rent, I am still going to have to shell out the money to get ours fixed, and I don't even have the comfort of being a homeowner. XD

Sorry about your AC not working, though, and awesome on refinancing your house!!

Have you been to a doc about your allergies? They may be able to prescribe something that won't make you drowsy. I like Clortrimiton, myself. It's available over the counter, doesn't make me sleepy, and is safe for people with high blood pressure. :)


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