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Since Netflix has Star Trek, The Next Generation available on streaming, we've been watching it from the beginning. We're four or five episodes in now, and my loathing of Wesley Crusher has only gotten more intense. Hate Hate Hate. Otherwise, so far this first season is pretty campy compared to some of the later ones I've seen. There are also some pretty hideous costumes.

Last night was the woodturners meeting. I confirmed that I'm going to do a demo of how to make a lidded box in October. I took a small vessel I made and entered it in the "under 3 inch" president's challenge. It won, so I got a $10 gift certificate. Yay! After the meeting we had dinner at a rather nice restaurant (Terraza Grill) in Arnold, part of the Lombardo's family restaurants.

I went and volunteered at the Animal House Fund on Wednesday. People, if you love cats, you need to go there and help out. It's heartbreaking to see so many kitties who need homes. They ham it up for people as they walk by, trying to get attention. It's a no-kill shelter, and they do really great work, but they're clearly in need of people and money and supplies. I did some filing work and I'm going to be helping with process improvements in their computer systems and paperwork. They need people who can build things, do electrical work, run phone lines, play with kitties, clean things, almost anything you can think of! Another organization, Metro Animal, is paired up with the Animal House Fund at the shelter. They also do really great work with TNR and relocating feral cats that are turned in to farms where people need sterilized barn cats to keep rodent populations in check. Please people, the kitties need your help!

During all that Star Trek I've been doing some spinning. It's going along nicely and I finally found all the parts to my niddy noddy so I can skein it. The skein winder Brent's building would make that go faster, but it's not quite done yet.
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