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Brent took me out to Fleming's last night for Valentine's Day. It was an awesome night. We headed over there for our 8:00 dinner reservations. It really is a shame it's all the way out in Frontenac. Feels like a bit of a hike.

After we were seated in a nice booth away from people, we ordered pre-dinner cocktails as we perused the menu. You gotta love menus with 14 pages of wines by the glass. However, we were planning on getting a bottle anyway. It was a california sangiovese and it began with M. I'm irritated with myself for not being able to remember the name.

When we were nearly done with the cocktails we ordered the wine and our dinners. My appetizer of fresh mozzerella was awesome. For a side with dinner, I had wanted to get the macaroni and cheese but was concerned about the seasoning in it since it was labled "Chipotle". The waiter was reassuring so we ordered it. I didn't like it after all, and he took it off our bill. That was a major plus on his side. The creamed corn I had, however, was awesome. My steak was great too. Yummy all around.

I had toyed with the idea of ordering a dessert but instead ordered a dessert wine -- a moscato. When the waiter brought my wine and brent's after-dinner scotch, he brought along some spoons and said he was bringing us dessert also. He brought us a good sized creme brulee with fresh fruit on top. Another major plus for our waiter.

It was a great night. Yay Brent.

In other news, I'm back in minneapolis and there's some girl here with long blond hair and evidence of heavy use of the crimping iron. Go 80s.


Jan. 14th, 2006 10:34 pm
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The night started out with plans to cook dinner at my house. As we discussed plans for that, I realized I had no desire to clean up after such efforts. However, the discussions did give us an idea of what we wanted to eat. It was going to be a steak night.

As I looked on Sauce, I came up with a list of several places to try. Charcoal House and 11 Mile House are places we've been to lately so they got crossed off. We hadn't been to Citizen Kane's but we called for reservations and they were booked. We also considered Frazers but they're closed for renovations. I went back to Sauce to determine if there were any alternatives I had previously overlooked.

Finally I noticed Mihalis Chophouse & Onyx Bar. I looked at the address and realized it's the place right next to Olympia. I briefly consulted with Brent to see if he was interested. He was, so we called for reservations. We decided to dress up for the night so he wore a suit and I wore a nice skirt and blouse.

When we got there they took our coats and though there were plenty of tables available they suggested we might like a drink in the bar. The bar was very nice and indeed we did sit and have a drink. We followed that with a lovely wine and dinner in their downstairs dining room. The waiter and sommalier were quite nice. The food was fantastic and they were overall quite accomodating to my rather specific demands.

After eating, we went back up to the bar, then headed up from that to the mezannine level where we had some johnny walker gold label whiskey. It was quite nice, even though the entertainer occasionally tried to sing things he really should not have been singing.

It was a lovely night and we both highly recommed Mihalis for a nice night out.

2 years...

Nov. 23rd, 2005 09:24 am
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Brent's a super-duper boyfriend who went into the yarn store for me :)

I'm a pretty lousy girlfriend who forgot that yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of our first date.

To be fair, I also forgot that the day before it was Grandma's birthday. Sigh.

I need a better reminder system.

We had a lovely evening out at the Charcoal House, so yay for that, and yay for a sweet card and a yarn gift certificate :)


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