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The seller's realtor screwed up and didn't tell the seller to wait for my offer before responding to the one he had. We had our offer in at 4. He had to respond to the other offer by 5:00, but the seller's realtor didn't wait and so the seller accepted the other offer. Now they're all rather upset because my offer was better so I'm being put as a back-up contract. Who knows if something will go wrong with the first one, but if it does...I'm there.

The up-side of all this is I get more time to prepare my house for sale. No more frantic cleaning all evening :) I can just do one room or one closet and that'll be good nuff.

I'm feeling rather good about this. If nothing else, I'll have a house that's ready to sell if we come across any other really cool properties!


Jan. 9th, 2006 02:49 pm
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I put an offer on the house, but I don't know if they'll accept it since they have another offer too.

Sigh. Waiting.
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Here are a ton of pictures of the second and third floors. I'm just putting them in kinda the order we saw them. There are no pictures of the first floor due to our consideration for the privacy of the tenants.

pictures )
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To see inside the house at 6:30 tomorrow night! (Barring any problems getting in then)



Jan. 2nd, 2006 09:56 pm
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So brent and I went by that house today. We were briefly solicited for cash by a local. He totally changed character on us though when we informed him we might be moving to that 'hood. heh. I'm quite enchanted with it.

My request to be shown the property didn't go to Jan for some reason. though I had specified it should go to her. Instead some guy named Beasly called me and I chatted with him about it. He said he'd call Jan for me and let her know I wanted to see it. If Jan doesn't call me tomorrow, I'll call her and see if we can get in to see it this week.

The 1st floor is rented out at the moment and the 2nd and 3rd floors are empty. This could be a huge fun project for me and brent. I really am getting too excited about it for not having seen the inside.

We also spent much of the day driving around various parts of north city, looking at neighborhoods and houses. I found an almost-perfect house right across from the brick water tower just off grand. It's on Blair I think. It had both a turret and a fire escape. Dreamy. However, it and almost all the houses on that part of the block were boarded up. *sigh*.

So anyway, after all that I'm still in love with the house I posted about earlier. I really am going to need help getting my house ready to sell though. Anyone want to spend 170k on a lovely shrewsbury house? :)


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