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Saturday was a big effort to make some changes around the house to hopefully get it sold.

Here's what we did )
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Anyone want to come over Saturday and do such fun things as painting, tile-sticking, toilet tinkering, and maybe even glass-replacing?

Also, use of a pickup truck would be stellar, but I can't think of anyone who has one so I'm not holding my breath on that. Well, I'm not holding my breath on either item, actually :) But booze sometimes gets people there.

heat gun

Mar. 17th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Anyone have a heat gun I could borrow?
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I just joined it. It's not too expensive ($5/month) and it seems pretty cool so far. There are a lot of reviews of places so it definitely does make you more comfortable just calling.

In the meantime...I need to go to home depot to get some GFIC outlets and outlet covers. My project for tomorrow morning is to install them under the sink in the kitchen and by the bar downstairs.

Oh, from the inspection today, I learned the staircase is walnut, and the floors are Fir. Good stuff to know :) Most of the stuff that needs done on the house is in 3 categories. Lots of exterior trim needs replaced. Something funky is going on with the plumbing and there's no cold water upstairs in the sink or toilet (need that one fixed ASAP), and a bunch of light fixtures and power receptacles don't work.

We also discovered for sure that the place used to be cut up into apartments. From the looks of the old gas meter setup, it was 4 apartments, but it's hard to be sure all the meter stubs were used.
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So there's a guy who might buy my house tomorrow. He's bringing an inspector even.

If that (or another buyer) doesn't work out right away, I have a backup plan. I'm meeting with Sean from Monster Mortgage. He thinks we can work it out so I can carry both mortgages at once. I'll need 5% of the new place's price, and I think I can get that from a combination of my savings and begging family members. I could also (last resort) withdraw from my 401k. It would suck to do that, but it's a possibility.

The loan thing would only happen if I can't sell in the next month or so. That's not too bad odds, really. I do think there will be a buyer soon :)


Mar. 9th, 2006 04:28 pm
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Anyone have a brother/cousin/old buddy, etc that's an electrician? I have some questions and might need someone to do some work. If you have one you've used before and would recommend, that would be cool too.
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Essentially done cleaning the house (Yay!!). It looks really nice. The kitchen's especially sparkly. I hope they don't feel like looking under the beds. I've never done that when viewing a house, but some people are weird. Anyway, I didn't dust much under there. Just shoved the vacuum hose under to pick up the major dust bunnies.

Still need to windex the bar and wash a few dishes down there, but Jan's not coming to photograph things until tomorrow afternoon.

I also finished my sweater. I'll post pictures as soon as I can get brent to take some. I want to take them outside in the sun so the flash doesn't wash things out though, so I don't know when I'll get to do that.

Now to head to brent's and take a ton of stuff to the basement there. Blech.

An Offer

Feb. 20th, 2006 05:05 pm
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I just made an offer on the house. It's been on the market for a year, and from what Jan says, the seller's realtor was glad to have an offer, even if it's contingent. I'm not surprised, after a year on the market. Oh, we also found documentation saying that it was originally listed at 249,500. Wow.

Oh, also, I found out about why she's selling. She stated it in pretty clear terms on the seller's disclosure: "Property purchased by seller in 2003 with intent of completing rehab with intended spouse. Plans changed."

Poor lady.

Now...to sell my house...FAST! I just cleaned the bathroom and the purple room (might need to dust the piano though). The office is mostly clean though filled with crap. My room won't take long if I just get in there and put away all the laundry. The kitchen floor needs vacuumed and scrubbed. The living room needs vacuumed. The basement needs vacuumed and windexed. I think that should be it, other than carting a bunch of stuff off to Brent's place to store. Our goal is to have it listed within a week if they accept my offer.

Also got a whole stack of comparables from the 'hood. Might be tricky to get a full 20% down payment of profit from the sale of my house, but it shouldn't be too far off at least.


Feb. 20th, 2006 09:59 am
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The trash people took all 15 of my bags of ceiling tile trash :)
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Took a fairly full car-load of stuff to Goodwill in near blizzard conditions today. It was good to get rid of the stuff and get my little tax deduction receipt. Also mailed Dannye's hat to her. I freak out a little about mailing handmade things so I had $40 of insurance put on it. That would cover yarn and a few hours of work at least, if it got lost. Peace of mind for $1.15 or so.

I put the spray on sealer on the grout in the bathroom. It's stinky but at least an easy task. I also did a bunch of dishes and scrubbed about half of the kitchen floor. The rest of it isn't very dirty and I need to relocate some things before I get around to scrubbing it. Kitchen is looking pretty good.

It's a long weekend and here are my goals for the weekend:

- Get new hangers and get all clothes put away in closet or dressers.
- Take more stuff to Goodwill (dishes, old vacuum)
- Vacuum the remainder of the house.
- Clean the basement
- Knit and/or Spin
- Practice the Rutter Waltz
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- Long weekend is just a day away.
- Cheesecake is yummy. Had leftovers from cheesecake factory today.
- My cleaning/repair stuff is moving along.
- I got a book today and am anxious to start reading it.
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It's been a busy weekend. Yesterday I did a lot of organization of crap and putting things in bins and such. I also rented a wet saw and cut and laid the tile in the bathroom closet. Wet saws are awesome. I also got a hedge trimmer and trimmed the bushes in the front of the house. Amazing what a difference it makes to not have greenery in the window.

I was planning on doing grout today, but the weather is gorgeous so I've worked outside all day. I put down fresh mulch around the plants in the back yard. I put up some brick-like edge things around the plants too since I had them sitting there waiting to be set out. Then I raked leaves in the front and back yard. After that I mowed and trimmed things to make it look extra-neat. Putting the mower on mulching mode makes the stray leaves I didn't rake turn into little bits that don't look like forgotten leaves :) It also tears up the sugar gum balls pretty good so they're not as roly-poly lethal anymore.

When brent came over around noon, he brought some yard waste bags so I could bag up the leaves. I had hurt my back with the heavy mulch bag so bending over to pick up leaves was a little painful but I think good because I feel much more stretched out now.

Mack cat was outside with me almost the whole time. Gosh that cat goes nuts over leaves blowing in the wind.

I told the neighbors I'll probably be moving soon. They're so nice...Patty said she didn't want me to go but she guesses she has to let me. Heh. She also suggested that certain folks in her household would be very excited if a 17 year old boy moved in here though. hehehe.

Inside I still need to do a lot of cleaning. I need to take a huge load of crap to goodwill or something. There's a bunch of construction-based trash that I need to get rid of so I can't just put it out with the trash..I'll have to get a special pickup or something. But really, mostly what needs done is cleaning, so hopefully I can finish all that this week.

Brent touched up the paint on the ceiling, but I gave him the wrong paint bucket and instead of ivory it was a blue-white shade. The difference is very minor but I can see it so we'll probably want to touch those up with the right paint. He also caulked in the bathroom and sawed off the bottom of the door to the laundry room so it closes again. I might throw a coat of paint on the bathroom walls too since the touch-up paint I got is very slightly different than the rest. That won't take long though.

I just got cleaned up so we can head over to illinois. I want to stop by knitorious on the way though so I can start my booga bag :)


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