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I've given up on waiting for [livejournal.com profile] beebers to come over and watch old episodes of Gray's with me. I'm watching them without her. I'll keep them though, so she can come catch up later.

My 5th grade neice went to 6th grade solo competition in Des Moines and got a I. I'm so proud that she did so well being judged as a 6th grader. She gets her comment sheets on Thursday so she'll find out more about what she did well and what she needs to work on.

I mailed my KSSP package yesterday. She should get it this week.

I reworked the chart for the argyle vest I'm making so it won't end up being too long. I don't know what happened to my gauge, but at least I can fix it before it's a big issue.

The argyle knee sock has been started. I'm about 3" in. The irritating thing about making knee socks is that they have to be sooo much longer than normal socks. The coolness should make up for that at least.
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The whole purpose of the trip was to see Kati's 5th grade All-Metro Des Moines honor band concert. Here she is, right before the concert started
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While we were waiting for the concert, my sister took some pictures as kids cycled on and off my lap. I was well-used as a booster seat.
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My neice

Feb. 28th, 2006 03:39 pm
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Kati made it into the 5th grade All-Metro Des Moines Honor band.

I'm so proud :)


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