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Is fun. I'm loving the "easy listening" christmas music. Can't beat the crooners :)
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Friday: Looked at some houses with [livejournal.com profile] beebers. Tons of fun there. I love seeing other people's houses. Worked for a while in the evening to cover some little emergencies. Then we went out to St. Charles to meet Dad and Dannye at the casino where I promptly lost $20 while watching [livejournal.com profile] beebers rake it in. We had dinner there then moved on to Erato where many folks showed up to enjoy a beverage or two. After a brief stop in CBGBs, brent and I went home and crashed.

Saturday: Woke up at a decent time to go to Target and Dierbergs to prepare for the dinner. I forgot to put the yeast in the rolls until after I had them all mixed up so those didn't go too well, but were at least edible. Got lots of wrapping paper and brent got gifts for my sister and jim and my dad and dannye. We made it over to Melinda's slightly late. There were a bunch of scratcher lottery tickets waiting for us. They had threatened to keep them since we were late, but we got there and sat down to scratch. I won $20 and Brent got $10 or $15. No one else had won at all. So that was pretty funny.

After dinner we opened presents. I think everyone liked theirs. I got melinda and Jim exactly what they wanted at least. They got me and brent a gift card to take a class at the Viking Culinary Arts center. That will be cool. I also got my stocking presents from Dad--including a laser pointer.

By then, we needed to move on to watch the NCAA Div. 2 championship game at 3 since my cousin Jared was playing for NWMSU. We saw him lots in the game but NWMUS ended up losing. During the game, much hilarity ensued as we tried out the laser pointer on the cats. Mack is such a good sport and managed to entertain everyone for several hours. After the game, everyone headed to Charcoal House for dinner.

We got in and had a table right away, despite the place being packed. Melinda and Jim had never been there, even though they live practically across the street. Everyone really liked their food except Dad whose Grouper was apparently only so-so. We converted some more people to being fans of the place.

Dad and I were sharing half-carafes of wine and managed to down quite a lot. We got home around 9:00 and I was rather intoxicated and almost immediately went to bed :)

Sunday: I got up fairly early since I had been asleep for ages. I went home and got cleaned up, then headed back to Brent's to knit. He called and had me pick him up after church. We then went to Dunaway books but didn't find anything, and then on to bread co for lunch. The afternoon was taken up by the Cathedral concert. It was ok but I was glad I got to knit the whole time. We headed home, not to leave again, and I went to bed around 10:30. Lazy me :)


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