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So last night our Compton Heights Concert Band rehearsal was at Francis Howell Central high school in St. Peters. I got the address and tried to googlemap it but it didn't find the address when I tried to get driving directions so I resorted to yahoo maps.

The directions seemed straightforward so I printed them out and headed off. I gave myself about an hour to stop and get fast food and travel the estimated time of 38 minutes. I made it to St. Charles county just fine (yay for page ave extension). Then ended up on 94 just as my directions said.

The next step was to "Bear Right on MO N" (that's highway N...).

There is no highway N to bear right on.

I turned on "Central School Drive" thinking it sounded likely, then found a street called St. Peters - Howell drive and that looked likely too. I turned, and there was a school. Shit...it has playgrounds...it was the elementary. I kept going, hoping the schools are in a row or something. I end up in BFE. I turn right at a gas station because the car in front of me turned. I figure I can take another right somewhere and get back onto 94. I was wrong. I ended up in suburban hell. Roads that go nowhere. Subdivision after subdivision.

Eventually I recognize something--Andy's old subdivision. So at least I kinda knew where I was. I tried calling him to get directions but he was in a rehearsal.

I take the first major street (Willot) and follow it to Jungermann which I remember crossed 94. I called Brent and got directions.

I should have gone straight on Central School Drive and I would have found it just fine.


At least I was nowhere near the last person there.


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