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She's stumbling around like a drunk. It's pretty funny. Makes me wish I had a video camera.

I called the vet and we're going to reduce her dose so she doesn't get so messed up.
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I'm now in possession of a prescription for valium for my kitty.


ETA: Holy crap, I forgot to eat today. Must go get food!


Apr. 12th, 2006 10:26 am
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Are going to the vet tomorrow. Just to make sure nothing's wrong. The tech I talked to said it sounded behavioral, but we should make sure before getting a referral to a behaviorist. I didn't know they had such things for cats.
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I've given up on waiting for [livejournal.com profile] beebers to come over and watch old episodes of Gray's with me. I'm watching them without her. I'll keep them though, so she can come catch up later.

My 5th grade neice went to 6th grade solo competition in Des Moines and got a I. I'm so proud that she did so well being judged as a 6th grader. She gets her comment sheets on Thursday so she'll find out more about what she did well and what she needs to work on.

I mailed my KSSP package yesterday. She should get it this week.

I reworked the chart for the argyle vest I'm making so it won't end up being too long. I don't know what happened to my gauge, but at least I can fix it before it's a big issue.

The argyle knee sock has been started. I'm about 3" in. The irritating thing about making knee socks is that they have to be sooo much longer than normal socks. The coolness should make up for that at least.
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I just spent my lunch hour in bed snuggled with a mimi cat under the covers. She was very happy, so I hope that helps get her back to normal. I don't like having a hissy cat.

I shut mack out of the room so he wouldn't join us and he nearly beat down the door, not to mention cried and cried, letting me know he didn't appreciate being shut out.

This is fun

Apr. 7th, 2006 09:06 pm
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Hiss hiss hiss, howl.

Mack has decided he doesn't know/like Mimi. Poor kitty girl is being harassed.

This is what I get for letting him out for an hour or so while I was talking to Patty.

ETA: Mimi is reciprocating now. She's hissing at him even though he's not provoking her. Sigh.
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I got to go home early from work today so I could do some things for another client. That meant I stopped by Robin's for a while on the way home. I love her kitties. They've got such fun personalities.

Elliot thought he might get to go outside so he stood on his back legs and tried to turn the doorknob while loudly meowing.
Biloxi makes weirder noises than alice.
All three of them like to watch me clean the kitty boxes. That's all fine, but the weird part is that it feels like there are eyes popping out from the walls as the kitties hide in all the basement stuff.

I'm exhausted today. We had a send-off party last night since it's my last week on the project. We got tickets to see Chuck Berry at Blueberry Hill. Before the show we met at Brandt's for drinks. We drank a lot then, and during the show, then we stopped at Ciceros for one last drink afterward.

The show: Chuck's a great performer! It was pretty awesome even though it was a short set. He didn't do the duck walk though. Can ya blame him? He turns 80 this year. It was pretty cool that his kids perform with him too. I would go again.

And now, I'm on the sofa with my kitties. I like kitty-ful days.
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When you're trying to clean things, a cat decides she needs to throw up twice. In 2 different spots.

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So I've been working a LOT at getting the hang of the spinning wheel, plus doing some dying (yay for Brent letting me use his kitchen!).

Here's a pictoral narrative of what I've done )

Oh, also, a gratuitous cute kitty picture with brent in it:

click me for cuteness )
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So I know it's cold outside, but they have all that lovely fur, so you'd think they could hang out in the living room with me while I work like they always do.

But no, I realize a bit ago that they've ditched me entirely. Where do I find them? In bed of course.

The bonus is that one of them managed to get himself under the covers even. Love it.

kitty pic )
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And this time Mack was interested!

clicky )


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